PUBG Server Events Available for ggLeap Customers

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Starting this week (October, 15th, 2017) we will be offering PUBG server events that are available only to ggLeap customers. These events will be testing this week and will occur each week on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

pubg server events

PUBG Team Tuesdays

pubg server events solo

PUBG Solo Saturdays

Team Tuesdays

The Tuesday events will be known as “Team Tuesdays”. Players from ggLeap esports centers will battle from 4pm EST to Midnight EST. There will be two servers running. One server will have teams of two, while the other server will have teams of four vying for a coin jackpot of 5000 coins per map. Coins will be split in percentages of 60/30/10 and will be distributed amongst the team. To be eligible to play we must verify that you are at a ggLeap location and are logged in to a PC. For us to start promptly at 4pm EST please be in the Discord server at least 15 minutes early (3:45PM).
There will be a ggCircuit representative in the Discord server who will be organizing the event. It would be helpful for you to know your ggLeap/ggCircuit account information so that we can verify and start the event promptly.

Solo Saturdays

Saturday’s event will be known as “Solo Saturdays” and will also allow customers at ggLeap centers to compete for 1000 coins per map. These events will also occur between 4PM EST and Midnight EST. Coins will be distributed 60/30/10 for solo players that come in 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Be sure to access the Discord server and be at your ggLeap location to participate.

We are very excited to be working with the esports representatives at Bluehole to bring these exclusive events to our esports competitors at ggCircuit who are always striving for coin rewards.

ggCircuit is an esports competition tool that is exclusively available through ggLeap software. The two combined allow for a 24/7 global LAN party between our 300+ locations and their customers. Players can earn coins by being logged in at their local esports center and linking their game accounts to earn even more coins through their match stats. We create branded leader boards for esports centers to recognize their players as well as offer prizes through local and global prize vaults.


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