ggLeap 0.819 Pre-Release

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The ggLeap 0.819 Pre-Release became available for all early adopters on October 14th. 2017. We have made some significant progress over the last few weeks getting some necessary fixes into the ggLeap user interface.

ggLeap UI with branding applied (Glitch Gaming Center)

Reconnection Code Overhaul

We have made huge improvements to the re-connection of the ggLeap user interface in regards to short Internet disconnections or server outages (which have become very short and rare over the past months). At times if the internet connection was lost a center might have to restart computers to get it back connected. With this fix, it should no longer occur.

Unity Code Overhaul

The last pre-release gave us rare cases where the interface would exit while someone is playing. Once that happened it would then re-run the user interface and auto log the user back into ggLeap. While not ideal, we made sure to get the Unity piece fixed that was causing the issue.

“License Denied” Bug

We found that our “License Denied” message had gone missing, so when centers had no license available the message was not appearing. This has been addressed.

Preparation Code for PUF

For a good while centers have been requesting a feature for personal user files or game saves. We’re happy to say that we have started the process of development on this feature and believe it will be added to ggLeap within the month.

Branding Logo Disappearing From User Interface

While working with some pre-release versions, enterprise client were seeing their logo disappear from the user interface after doing upgrades. We have addressed this issue and should no longer have the problem.

Beyond some other miscellaneous fixes this is the deatail for the 0.819 version. To view information about this and previous release, visit the ggLeap changelog page.

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