ggLeap Meets the Casino World

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Three members of the ggCircuit team travelled to Las Vegas last week as exhibitors at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E). It was a successful and educational trip for ggLeap software to meet the casino world.

The reason that the team decided to participate in the expo was mainly to educate the casino world about esports. Being able to bet on esports in regards to a “wager match” does not currently exist in the casino landscape. There are “esports books” in which individuals can bet on teams outside of the contest, but that is a separate topic.

The purpose for ggCircuit at G2E was to be the bridge between esports and casinos as an entertainment venue until gambling legislation has passed. They offered information about tehir services both with ggLeap software, esports tournament organization and their vast experience consulting with new esports centers.

ggLeap meets casino world

ggCircuit LLC booth at the Global Gaming Expo

Casinos already have existing space for restaurants, bars, concerts and more. It would make sense to create an esports arena as another stream of income. This could be utilized for individuals not yet of age to gamble, pro level esports tournaments, or casual gaming by all esports fans.

ggLeap meets casino world - Esports in Casinos

Esports in Casinos: A Primer

To help casinos dip their toe into the esports world, ggCircuit created a “Cliff’s Notes” book on how different game genres potentially could be used in a casino setting as well as how to implement an esports arena into a casino location. (Esports in Casinos PDF)

Jason McIntosh of the ggCircuit team viewed the trip as a big success.  “Overall, our first experience at G2E was fantastic” Jason stated.  “It was well worth us travelling to talk to industry leaders about what we’re doing in the esports space. While a large majority were interested in the betting aspect of esports, we were very encouraged at how our management software and LAN center experience can bridge the gap as an entertainment venue until betting regulation is complete. We received multiple compliments about how we were ahead of the curve with esports and casinos. From top to bottom we were welcomed by all and felt we left a positive impression. We look forward to attending next year.”

Zack Johnson, CEO agreed.  “We really enjoyed meeting all of the contacts we made at G2E. It was an educational experience and we were encouraged about what we are doing with ggLeap and esports center consulting.”

Zack also attended different breakout sessions during the show specifically geared towards esports.  The team was not sure how the gaming industry would promote esports and he was encouraged by the speakers but discouraged by the attendees.

“I wanted to get a pulse on the state of esports with gaming companies.  It has been a topic at G2E the past few years so I was a bit disappointed by the lack of interaction from the audience members with the speakers and the types of questions asked” Zack recalled.  “However the speakers themselves were extremely knowledgeable and experienced in esports and know the space really well.  I could sense a small bit of frustration from a couple of them as they seem to be getting frustrated by the constant attempt to force esports into traditional gambling formats.”

After exhibiting at CES in January with Eblue the team was not sure what to expect from G2E.  Overall at CES there were about 30-40 solid contacts made for ggCircuit.  At G2E not only were the number stopping at the booth higher but the quality also seemed greater.  ggCircuit came away with well over 50 new promising partners, sponsors and potential clients.


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