Alienware Works with ggLeap to Provide Nationwide Kiosk System at Best Buy

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Alienware approached ggLeap with a project for a floor display set up of seven different machines in 50 Best Buy stores across the country. Their timeline was three weeks over the holiday season to which even large scale companies declined to take on the project. ggLeap accepted the challenge. The requirements of the project were to provide a customized Alienware interface that locked down the PC, provided PC model information and served up video content. Mainly it acted as a ggLeap kiosk. The biggest feature of what makes this project unique was the need to be able to launch games through the interface and it be handled online through Steam. This was so that a customer could try out a game on an Alienware machine to actually feel the high quality game play before purchasing one in store.


Customized User Interface Per Machine

We worked with Alienware to understand their needs for all machines on display. We utilized the existing ggLeap back end which administered stores through the cloud. The front end interface was customized per machine. So not only was there a lot of graphical assets, information and videos, but we also had to develop a flawless installation process to be able to identify the machine and serve up the proper media assets when called upon.


Easy Installation for Setup Teams

Alienware and Best Buy sent setup teams over the month of January to install these floor setups. We had to make an all encompassing installer so that the setup team was able to install the client correctly, identify the machine, serve up the proper assets, install necessary game files and connect to the proper Best Buy location all with a few clicks. We also were able to uninstall unnecessary programs and apply proper settings through our installation package to meet the requirements from Alienware.


Integrated Game Launching

Because ggLeap already supports 300+ LAN center locations around the world, it was a done deal that we could make this happen through the Alienware/Best Buy custom interface. After the game Project Cars was settled on, we worked with the game developer to get licenses that we could serve up to all stores. We did this through our global license pools which is a feature for all ggLeap customers at the Pro level. This license pool was created on the back end of our system where ANY customer in the 50 locations could click on a graphic of the game, it launches Steam, auto-logins, and launches the game. The ability to allow many customers to access the game was also important to Alienware, so we limited game play to 15 minute sessions for each customer that timed out for the next person to step up and experience it.

ggleap kiosk for alienware at best buy


Uptime Statistics & Monitoring

An online monitoring system was created for this project packed full of features. Best Buy and Alienware are able to utilize this to track system up time, see the number of user sessions engaged on both a system wide level and a per store level. They are able to evaluate the system through data exports, spot trouble areas through automated issue tracking and address issues through PC access within the monitoring system. Because the client is connected to our cloud server they can fix problems remotely or in person.

ggleap overall system health

Integrated Support

As part of the up time system we developed automated issue tracking. Smaller issues such as machines not being online for a short time period to larger issues related to the proper number of machines are not on the floor or machines not being online over a day. These are both listed in the issue tracking area and if the issue is serious enough sends automated emails to the support project manager to send to their reps to get addressed.

ggleap uptime statistics


24/7 Remote Support

In the effort that the support team was not able to resolve the issue. We provided a support number as well as chat channels for them to be able to reach out to us. Through our install, TeamViewer was setup on all machines. In our monitoring system, we can click on “Remote Access” and be able to grab TeamViewer details for any machine in the network, access a machine remotely and assist to resolve issues.

remote accessibility


Project Summary

The Best Buy project has been a tremendous effort by all involved. To be able to work with a high end corporation providing our software through online distribution and support has been a feather in our cap and led to other retail interests. The ability to provide critical statistics like uptime and automated issues has helped the hired support team increase uptime by 20%. Not to mention the ability for customers to actually play games on the system their buying has proved helpful for sales of Alienware computers at Best Buy.


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