ggCircuit Minute for July 3rd – July10th

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Welcome to the ggCircuit minute for July 3rd to July 10th.

After three weeks of ggCircuit Season 6 it’s still a tight race at the top. Week 3 saw a shuffle of center leaders with GameDeck taking first place and Albanian Gaming Arena with a second place finish.

The player leaders were lead by billy and Gaylord from GameDeck with a 3rd place finish by Smartok from Fragbox.

Overall for Season 5, GameDeck still has a slim lead over GamePixel while Baeissa from Challenge arena took over the player lead with 5 weeks to go.

For total coins, last week’s player totals were led by MAK from Portal in Pakistan with the center leaders having new faces such as ESC Portal and PC Gamerz.

Thanks again for all of the awesome posts of your weekly Season 6 winners. Recognizing your loyal customers is one of our main purposes for #ggseason6.

And that’s YOUR ggCircuit minute.

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