ggCircuit Minute for July 10th – July17th

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Welcome to the ggCircuit minute for July 10th to July 17th.

ggCircuit Season 6 has hit the halfway point with some exciting updates.

GameDeck took a commanding lead in Week 4 followed by Albanian Gaming Arena and GamePixel.

Gamedeck players took the first two places while joed93 from The Gamers Room and jmt052 from The Grid rounded out the top 5.

Overall for Season 6 the question that remains is will GameDeck hold onto their lead for the second half of the season? Baeissa from Challenge Arena BARELY holds on to the player lead after a strong charge from CredoTheHoly from AGA.

For total coins, Smartok from Fragbox grabbed the overall lead while the center leaders were led by GZero and The Grid.

We hope you’re having as much fun as we are with the season so far. Encourage your customers to play ranked matches in supported games to move up the leaderboards for #ggseason6.

And that’s YOUR ggCircuit minute.

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